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Kumbuka: Nairobi International School’s Yearbook, 1976

"Kumbuka" in Swahili means, "to remember."

Did a little searching around last week @ Mom’s. I absolutely love looking through her old photographs and learning about her younger self (plus- lo-fi graphic design and layout from the ’70s. Win.). The best part: next to all the senior photos is the student’s name and a little bit about them, as told by other students. For Mom (in #4):


"A gal with a smiling face that is really appreciated… SALLY…

Sweet and kind…”A friend in need, is a friend indeed!”… An artist

…”HALLO!”… “Rot’s of Rove, Sarry”… QUIET, GENIUS AT

WORK… Cooperative.

She hasn’t changed much.

Still, makes me wish I had a time machine.

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